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We welcome interested individuals to join us as trustees, ensuring the future of this important organisation and its goals on behalf of its members.

What is the role of a Trustee?

Slough Mencap is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Like all registered charities it is run by a committee who are unpaid – other than for certain limited expenses. Being a company limited by guarantee the board members limit their responsibility for the viability of the organisation to £1. The members of the committee are called trustees and because we are also a company limited by guarantee they are also referred to as directors or board members and essay writers UK. In the context of Slough Mencap such terms are interchangeable. The board members are responsible for the running of the organisation. They decide the strategic direction of Slough Mencap and are responsible for ensuring that Slough Mencap runs efficiently, legally and more importantly operates solely in line with our Mission Statement. The day to day operation of Slough Mencap is the task of the Chief Executive assisted by regular volunteers. All board members, staff and volunteers are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked and those working with our members have in addition undergone Vulnerable Adult training.

If you are interested, in the first instance you should Contact Us or call the office – 01753 594666 and speak to our Chief Executive Eleanor Cryer.